Year 4

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.

All our English work and Reading work link to our class texts that allow us to take a cross curricula approach to our learning. Some of the texts we enjoy in Year 4 include: Thieves of Ostia, Demon Dentist, King of the Cloud Forests and How to Train Your Dragon. Children will learn to apply grammar for writing across a range of genres whilst having the opportunity to draft and edit their work to produce writing that they can be extremely proud of.

In maths, children will secure their knowledge of times tables ready for the Multiplication check in Year 4. Children will be able to understand the place value in a four-digit number, add and subtract numbers using formal methods, find fractions of amounts, and decimals. Children will also continue to strengthen their reasoning skills as they apply maths to real life problems and investigations.

During the Autumn term children will enjoy the topics 'I am Warrior' where they will discover warring Britain and learn about what the Romans did for us and 'Burps Bottoms and Bile' where they will investigate the busy world inside the human body.

In the Spring term children will learn about the incredible underwater world and mysterious sea creatures that live in the Oceans in the topic 'Blue Abyss'. In the topic 'Playlist' they will discover how sounds are made, investigate how far sounds travel and find out about instruments.

In the Summer term, they will focus on learning about the characteristics and features and mountain ranges around the world in our topic 'Misty Mountain Winding River' and find out about the Big, Strong, Powerful and Brave Saxons who invaded Britain's shores in the topic 'Traders and Raiders.'

Year 4 staff are Miss Compton, Mrs Towe and Miss O'Sullivan.

Our Learning

Find out what we are learning in Autumn Term 2022: