Event - Year 5 Visit Think Tank

23 May 2011

On Monday 23rd May 2011, Year 5 went to the Think Tank in Birmingham.

We took the train to New Street Station. For some of us it was our first time on the train. We were a bit scared by the really long, dark tunnel.

When we arrived at New Street we had to walk through the Bullring to get to the Think Tank, it was quite a long walk! After that we arrived at the Think Tank and were greeted at the entrance. We were allowed to look around the galleries before the Planetarium show began.

Just before dinner we went into a strange round cinema, called a Planetarium. We sat in the chairs which were all lying back looking at the ceiling. Then all the lights went out and we got to see the night sky as it looks from the countryside. We had to find the North Star and different types of stars. Did you know that blue stars are the hottest ones and red ones are the coldest?

We learned about many different areas of science while we were at the Think Tank. Our favourite galleries were 'Dinosaurs' with an actual piece of fossilised poo and 'Things About Me' which showed us what happens inside our bodies.

On the way back to the train it was pouring with rain and we all got soaked. However nothing could ruin our great day out!