Event - Year 6 at Drayton Manor

15 July 2013

As a final treat for Year 6 working so hard we went to Drayton Manor along with some of the teachers.

Everyone was really excited. We arrived early before the rides had started so we could make it a full day. It was really hot and sunny too which added to it being a great day out.

We split into groups and off we headed to face our fears on the many scary rides. By lunch we'd been on 'Storm Force 10', 'Maelstrom', 'Pandemonium' and many more. Some of us had even won some cuddly toys! In the afternoon we carried on scaring ourselves as much as possible.

Some of us went on a ride called 'Apocalypse', which drops you suddenly from a great height, and, because the queue was so short, we went on it over 10 times!

We had a fantastic day at Drayton Manor and it will remain another great memory of St. Paul's that we will take with us as we continue our 'journey'.