Event - Advent Displays

6 December 2019

Advent is an important part of our Christian calendar. The word 'Advent' means coming and is the time before Christmas, the time when we prepare for Jesus' birth.

There is an Advent wreath which is a visual indicator of this celebration. The wreath consists of five candles. There are three purple and one pink which are symbols of hope, peace, joy and love. The white candle in the centre is lit on Christmas Day and this is a symbol of Jesus being the light of the world. The circular wreath shows how God's love has no beginning and no end.

Advent begins on the last Sunday close to the end of November and ends on 24th December, lasting four weeks. During one of our worship times each week a candle is lit allowing a time of thought for the children.

In each of our classes we have a reflective display which not only allows the children to think how preparations are made but to explore what this time means to Christians. They also have the opportunity to develop this celebration further by thinking about what this time means to them through prayers, promises and exploration of the words hope, peace, joy and love