Event - Royal Wedding Celebrations

28 April 2011

A day of celebration for Reception, Year 1 and 2. We all took part in celebrating the marriage of William and Kate by having a 'street' party - except ours was in the hall!

The day started with us talking about the happy couple and why their marriage was important.

Once we'd done the family tree bit, we got down to the fun part: we all had the chance to make a party hat, which of course no proper party can do without. There were crowns galore, decorated with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and many colourful and striking patterns. Year 2 also made some cup cakes and decorated biscuits for the party.

The hall was decorated with bunting in red, white and blue, and Union Jacks as well. The party started with dancing, some of us even did The Conga! Then we all took our seats ready to tuck into the party fare. Yum.

Of course we all raised our plastic cups to toast the happy couple. We all really enjoyed our street party. Here are some photos to show what we got up to: