Event - Professor McGinty the Time Traveller

September 2010

Professor McGinty the Time Traveller visited Year 5 and Year 6 classes in September to enrich their History curriculum.

The pupils explored life during the Victorian era as well as that of the Ancient Greeks. All the children went home and shared the 'exciting' experience with their parents. A brilliant time was had by all!

On Monday Professor McGinty came to Year Five to teach us a little bit more about the Victorians. He told us about the games that the poor Victorians used to play, as well as the games that the rich Victorians would play. Professor McGinty was very funny we learnt things and he was just great.

by Tilly Powell, Year 5

On Monday, Professor McGinty did a History Workshop. He taught us about the Ancient Greeks and showed us a range of different artefacts from that period in time. While he taught us he also showed the funny side to it. Everyone had very positive thoughts about his visit it was great!

by Emily Smith, Year 6

Professor McGinty taught us a history lesson about the ancient Greeks. We were engrossed with the drama and the humour. We were all captivated by his imaginative ideas and wacky personality, and we all agreed this was a lesson we would never forget.

by Brittany Hartland, Year 6

Professor McGinty visits us.
The Time Travelling Machine.

History in action.
Learning about the Victorians.

The basket of doom!
Everyone had lots of fun!