Event - Our Trip to London

25 November 2010

On Thursday 25th November we went on an exciting trip to The Houses of Parliament in London.

First of all we went on the underground and it was very noisy. When we got off the underground we walked through Green Park and we saw a massive pelican. We walked towards the Houses of Parliament and saw 10 Downing Street; the policemen had very big guns. We stopped to see the cars bringing an important visitor to Downing Street.

When we arrived at the Houses of Parliament it was enormous, and it took us ages to get through security. Then we went upstairs and had something to eat. Our local MP Adrian Bailey gave us a tour around Parliament including Westminster Hall and the Debating Chamber. It looked much smaller that it does on TV. We went to the souvenir shop and then set off on our journey home.

by Dylan and Morgan, Year 4