Event - Reception Have Fun at Edgmond Hall

6 May 2011

On Friday the 6th May Reception went to Edgmond Hall Outdoor Adventure Centre.

We had the opportunity to use all the centres equipment. We used nets and mini-ponds to search for different mini-beasts that live in water. We found lots of interesting creatures such as the pond skater!! We used identification cards to find out what the mini-beast were and they also told us facts about the mini-beasts.

After that we ate our lunch in the outside picnic area because the sun was shining and the weather was lovely! Then we went to explore in the long grass in the forest. We shook leaves to catch any mini-beasts that fell out of the trees. The magnifying glasses helped us to have a really close look at the spiders, earwigs and caterpillars that we found.

Finally we were given a piece of sticky card. We were allowed to collect all sorts of different plants, flowers and leaves from around the centres ground and stick them on our card. We took this home so that we can always remember the great time we had at Edgmond hall.